Even though plastics have made our lives more comfortable, the widespread adoption of plastics accompanies various problems relating to flammability. To comply with the public's demands for flame retardant polymers, we have devoted itself to the development of Starex flame retardant ABS. Even if ABS with its high impact strength, chemical resistance and good appearance can be used in electric and electronic components (interior and exterior parts), its use in electric and electronic components requires a high degree of heat resistance as well as balanced impact resistance and fluidity. Flame retardant grades of Starex ABS, with its outstanding heat resistance, offers an optimized balance of properties while minimizing the deterioration of its original properties, which can be achieved by adding various flame retardants. Also, with many Starex flame retardant ABS resins to choose from, you can select one that matches your design needs.


flame retardant ABS may have some disadvantages compared with general ABS except for the flame retardance. However, a careful grade selection through the understanding of those features will guarantee the user's maximum satisfaction.

1) Thermal stability Since the self-extinguishing properties of flame retardant ABS may result from the thermal decomposition of flame retardants during burning, flame retardant ABS can have poor thermal stability in comparison with general ABS. In particular, since flame retardants can possibly decompose when molded at temperature of 230oC or above, molding at lower temperatures than required with general ABS is recommened. Cheil Industries Inc. has developed the technology to produce Starex flame retardant ABS with excellent thermal stability and flame retardancy. Starex flame retardant ABS, especially VH-0853 and VH-0800, is useful for geometrically complex molds.

2) Weather resistance Since ABS contains butadiene to enhance impact strength, it can be discolored if exposed to sunlight for a longtime. And this prevents its usefulness with such O.A. applicances as computer monitors, printers, and photocopying machine. As one of the leading companies in the production of ABS resin. Cheil has made the effort to solve these problems, and it has successfully produced a flame retardant ABS series with excellent weather resistance. Among the series, VH-0853, VE-0812,VE-0855 or VE- 0856 can be the best choice for applications demanding weather resistance.

3) Blooming and plating-out During injection molding, flame retardants can diffuse out to the surface and cause mold contamination. Since this phenomenon becomes worse with darker colors, it is recommended not to use flame retardant ABS grade resins with dark color shades. However, blooming is not observed while using all Starex flame retardant ABS grade exceptVH-0853. Starex flame retardant ABS grades with their excellent qualities allow for flexible product designs.

4) Heat resistance Heat resistance implies that the product is not prone to deformation while being exposed to a wide temperature range.The excellent heat resistance of Starex flame retardant ABS makes it possible to increase the reliability of injection molded products. However care must be taken to select the proper grade of Starex flame retardant ABS for final use. For cost reduction and improved injection productivity,the VE-series can be the best choice as an engineering plastics substitute,while the VH-series is suitable when processability is more important design factor than heat resistance.

5) Flammability Generally, flammability can be rated according to UL-94 VB standards. Cheil produces various flame retardant ABS's with varying flammability levels to meet the requirements of specific applications. Cheil's Starex flame retardant ABS has obtained UL-94 flammability ratings of V-2, V-1, V-0 and 5V.

6) Flame retardants PBDE is one of the most popular compounds used as an additive to promote the flame retardance of plastics. There was a trend to restrict PBDE's use as a flame retardant compound because of the possibility that PBDE could induce toxic dioxin or difuran derivatives at an elevated temperature condition. Even though it has been speculated that PBDE is not so dangerous, most electric and electronic companies still avoid using PBDE as a flame retardant. Starex flame retardant ABS resins do not contain such controvertial flame retardant compounds. Therefore, Starex flame retardant ABS can be used for exterior applications.

Product Application:

-3C Application
-Storage Device