PVC Resin SG-5
1. Pass through ISO 9001:2008
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4. HS CODE:3904109000

Poly (vinyl chloride) PVC Resin SG-5

Features: White powder, it will appear different physical and mechanical properties after add various additives to it. It has better quality of mechanic feature, anticorrosion, dielectric and anti-chemicals.

Use: It is used in the insulation material of PVC tube, panel, hard transparent sheet, foil, disc, PVC monofilament, blow molding product, appliance insulation material.


PVC resin - SG3 K-Value 72-71
PVC resin - SG5 K-Value 68-66
PVC resin - SG7 K-Value 62-60
PVC resin - SG8 K-Value 59-55

Package, storage and Transportation:

Packed in a kraft paper bag lined with PP-woven bag, Net weight per bag: 25± 0.25kg. Not allowed outdoor storage. Keep away from sunshine and humidity.

Polyvinyl chloride resin(GB/T5761-2006)

Tape:    SG5
K value   68-66
Viscosity, ml/g   118-107
Average polymerization   1100-1000
Number of impurity particle≤   16
Volatiles content %,≤    0.40
Appearing density g/ml≥   0.45
Residual after sieve 0.25mm mesh≤   2.0
0.063mm l≥    90
Number of Fish Eye/400cm2≤   20